Welcome to CASE Membership!

We have received your membership application and are processing it now. As the exclusive representative of Bargaining Unit 2, CASE negotiates with the State of California on all matters relating to salaries, benefits, and workplace matters.  Your new membership packet includes information regarding home, auto and life insurance, as well as various other benefits offered by CASE.

Upon enrolling as a CASE Member, you will soon be automatically enrolled in a $7,500 life insurance policy with Nancy Bond Insurance with options to buy additional supplemental life insurance, long-term disability insurance, long term care insurance, and a universal life insurance with long term care option at a substantially discounted rate. You are also now eligible for the exceptional opportunity of no medical screening or limitation if you buy your life insurance policy within thirty (30) days of becoming a Member.

Please browse this website which contains the Bargaining Unit 2 Memorandum of Understanding, a contact list for all Local Representatives in various cities throughout the state, and a variety of important information that applies to you as a represented state employee.

To access the content on this site exclusively for members, you’ll need the the password: membersmatter22.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, call toll-free at 800-699-6533 or email us at case@calattorneys.org.

Thank you for your support as a CASE Member!


Ryan Smith
Membership Committee Chair
CASE Board of Directors


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