August 30, 2023 Supervisory Files

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Continuing the fight against contracting out. The State Personnel Board has again insisted a state department follow the law on contracting out legal work. This time, SPB found that 9 CDCR contracts failed to comply with the law and violated the constitutional civil service mandate to have state work performed by state employees. The Board’s decision noted that CDCR failed to establish that no civil service job classifications exist that could perform the work, or that they made reasonable efforts to procure those services through the civil service. CDCR has 15 days to appeal the decision. 

CASE continues to press these matters for three simple reasons: allowing the state to contract out Unit 2 work ultimately leads to eliminated positions, lowers professional development opportunities for CASE Members, and removes an important incentive for the state to recruit and retain top talent. Put another way they will never raise salaries or improve benefits to address recruitment and retention issues if they can outsource work instead. Californians pay the ultimate price, paying exorbitant fees and lacking a dedicated civil service working on their behalf.

News of interest to CASE legal professionals:


Inspiring Through Service. A dedication to service unites all CASE Members. Article 9.12 of the CASE MOU provides all CASE legal professionals the opportunity to mentor youth in their communities. If you commit to mentor a child through a recognized mentoring organization for a minimum of 1 school year, you can use up to 40 hours of Mentoring Leave each calendar year. Mentoring Leave is used in an equal amount to your personal leave. 

CASE has collected information from several organizations with opportunities to volunteer statewide. Many qualify for Mentoring Leave, though some may not. You can view these options on the CASE website’s new Community Mentoring page. If you have questions about Mentoring Leave or know of an organization worthy of inclusion in our list, contact CASE. Want to volunteer? Reach out directly to listed organizations at the provided contact information.

CASE Board Next Meets on Friday, September 8. The next meeting of the CASE Board of Directors will be held on Friday, September 8. Members who would like to attend via zoom, can sign up via the CASE Website (password: membersmatter22) no later than 5:00pm on Thursday, September 7. 

If you plan to attend the meeting and would like to speak, make sure to submit a speaker card by 9am on September 8. A zoom link will be emailed to registered attendees on the morning of the meeting.

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