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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please see below the frequently asked questions for Supervisors and Managers in CASE Unit 2:

No! It’s a common misconception that supervisors or managers lose the benefit of CASE membership upon promotion – but that’s just not true. CASE is the recognized excluded employee organization for all state employees in S02 (supervisory) and M02 (managerial) positions.

As the recognized excluded employee organization for S02 and M02 classes, CASE is able to meet and confer with the State regarding salaries and benefits and other terms and conditions of your employment. There is no MOU, and no bargaining, but CASE is still able to advocate to improve and protect your salary and benefits, and to aggressively represent your interests in every forum where your employment and professional interests are at stake.

You know the adage: a rising tide lifts all boats. Raises secured in the negotiation of the Bargaining Unit 2 MOU lay the foundation for increases to supervisor and manager pay as well. Aside from adding to CASE’s strength in numbers, as a supervisor or manager, you may face additional workplace risk of complaints or investigations and are held to even higher standards than your direct reports. CASE’s expert representation is there to answer questions and provide representation if the need arises. Not to mention, supervisors’ and managers’ work is made easier by having happy, valued rank-and-file employees who turn out the best work, remain in their positions for a long time, and help make California a safer, healthier, better place to live.

  • Your Advocate for Better Pay and Benefits. As the recognized employee organization for S02 and M02 classifications, CASE makes the case for you with CalHR, in the Capitol, and anywhere your interests are at stake.
  • Experienced Professional Representation. You insure your car, home, and health – why not your career? As a supervisor or manager, you could face complaints from above, or below, in your chain of command. CASE Members have access to professional staff with decades of experience representing members before the State Personnel Board or pursuing successful complaints under the Excluded Employee Bill of Rights.
  • CASE Communications. Be in the know! CASE Members receive CASE Supervisory Files, a weekly newsletter to help you get the most out of membership and state service.
  • CASE Meetings. Only Members can attend CASE Board and Membership meetings.
  • Life Insurance. CASE Members receive a $7,500 life insurance policy at no cost as a benefit of membership. New Members also enjoy a 31-day open enrollment period after joining to purchase additional Life, Long Term Disability, Long Term Care, Accident, and Critical Illness insurance plans at discounted group rates with no medical pre-screening required.
  • Privacy Protection Program. Any Member entitled to the protection of Government Code section 6254.21 may fill out a personal information opt-out form that CASE will send to each of the major directory websites and sources that contain residential addresses and telephone numbers to protect you and your privacy.

Consumer Discounts. From travel insurance to theme park discounts, our consumer discounts help you have more fun at less cost across the state.

In 1990, the Bill of Rights for State Excluded Employees gave “state supervisory, managerial, confidential, and employees otherwise excepted from coverage” under the Dills Act the right to join organizations that will represent them in their employment relationship with the state.

The law gives you the right to join and participate in CASE activities for the purpose of representation on all matters of supervisory employer-employee relations.

Dues are $65 per month.

When you join, dues are automatically deducted from your paycheck each month.

Member Benefits

Membership benefits are extended to supervisors and managers. To see a complete list, follow the link below:

CASE Supervisory Files

The latest news related to CASE supervisors and managers is published monthly under our CASE Supervisory Files.