New Committees and Bargaining Team Expansion

New Committees and Bargaining Team Expansion

The CASE Board of Directors is happy to announce several new ways for members to have a greater voice in their representation, including offering members additional seats at the bargaining table. As part of our outreach and organizing efforts, we have begun holding union meetings in various departments around California and have added at least four more local representative trainings this year. While traveling around the state, we have received feedback from our members calling for more member involvement. In response, we are creating two new committees to represent you better.


The new committees are the Judge’s Committee and the Small Department Committee. The Judge’s Committee is being created to advocate for issues particular to our judicial members, including assisting in the creation of a Worker’s Compensation Judge II classification. The Small Department Committee is being created to give departments with fewer than 30 represented members a greater voice in our union. We have already been reaching out to our smaller departments for willing volunteers to become local representatives but have not had the response we hoped for. Serving on the Small Department Committee will give you a voice for the many departments where CASE has a small number of members. If you are interested in joining one of the committees or would like to serve as a local rep., please reach out using the email address posted below.


In addition to their usual duties, each committee will vote on one member to represent them on the CASE bargaining team. Only Voting Members will be eligible to serve on the committees and bargaining team. If you would like to participate, please sign up as a member at then contact expressing your interest in joining one of the committees.

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