Employee Assistance Program

What is the Employee Assistance Program?

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a system cooperatively offered by management and labor as part of their joint commitment to promoting employee health and well being. Offered at no charge, the EAP provides a valuable resource for support and information during difficult times, as well as consultation on day-to-day concerns.

EAP Policy

The state recognizes that personal problems may hamper an employee’s job performance. Therefore the state of California in conjunction with the union has initiated a program to provide confidential assistance to employees whose job performance is adversely affected by personal problems. The following are the policies of the Department of Personnel Administration:

• “The voluntary use of the EAP will be available to all employees and significant others, as their problems affect employees.”

• “The decision to request or accept assistance through the EAP is a voluntary, personal choice of the employee.”

• “Any employee using the EAP will not have either job security or promotional opportunities jeopardized.”

• “Employees referred to and participating in the EAP will be expected to meet existing job performance standards and established work rules.”

• “All records and information pertaining to employees participating in the EAP will be treated with total confidentiality. Information will not be divulged to anyone except with the written consent of the employee, by court order, or to protect the immediate welfare of the individual and/or community.”

What Your Contract Says About the EAP

A. The state recognizes that alcohol, nicotine, drug abuse and stress may adversely affect job performance and that these are treatable conditions. As a means of correcting job performance problems, the State may offer referral to treatment for alcohol, drug and stress related problems such as marital, family, emotional, financial, medical, legal or other personal problems. The intent of this Section is to assist an employee’s voluntary efforts to treat alcoholism or a drug-related or stress-related problem so as to retain or recover his/her value as an employee.

The appropriate management personnel will refer the employee to his or her EAP coordinator. An employee undergoing alcohol, nicotine, drug, or mental health treatment, upon approval, may use accrued sick leave credits, CTO or vacation credits for such a purpose.

Leave of absences without pay may be granted by the department head or designee upon the recommendation of the EAP coordinator if all sick leave, vacation and CTO have been exhausted and the employee is not eligible to use Industrial Disability Leave or Nonindustrial Disability Insurance (NDI). Medical records concerning an employee’s treatment for alcoholism, drug or stress-related problems shall remain confidential and shall remain separate from other personnel materials. If you think your rights have been violated with respect to an EAP referral, contact the CASE Office at 1-800-699-6533.

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