State of Emergency Administrative Time Off (ATO)

a. Employees may be granted a paid leave of absence of up to five days by their appointing power when the employee works or resides in a county where a state of emergency has been proclaimed by the governor and the appointing power determines that at least one of the following conditions exist:

  1. The employee’s normal place of business is closed temporarily during the employee’s normal work shift due to the effects of the emergency.
  2. The emergency effectively precludes the employee’s ability to find reasonable routes of transportation from the employee’s normal residence to the work place.
  3. The emergency presents an immediate and grave peril to the employee’s own safety, that of an employee’s immediate family member or the employee’s principal residence.
  4. The employee is actively involved in a formal, organized effort to protect the health and safety of the general public such as the employee is a member of the auxiliary fire or police department or the employee is asked by local authorities to assist with sandbagging efforts.
  5. The employee needs to take time off to apply for disaster assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) because the employee is unable to apply for assistance before or after the employee’s normal work shift.

b. An employee may be granted a paid leave of absence up to five days by the employee’s appointing power regardless of the location of the disaster when the employee is pre-registered with and providing volunteer service to a state agency carrying out its responsibilities under the Governor’s Executive Order D-25-83.

c. No paid leave of absence shall exceed five working days without the approval of the Department of Personnel Administration (DPA). The DPA shall grant approval of a paid leave of absence in excess of five working days based on its findings that one of the criteria above continues to be met.

If you think your rights are being violated during a state of emergency, contact the CASE Office at 1-800-699-6533.

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