December 13, 2023 CASE Files

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Stormy Seas Ahead. The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office reported bad economic and State Budget news last week in its annual Fiscal Outlook report. The LAO found that “mounting economic headwinds” have weakened California’s economy and greatly reduced the state’s tax revenues, predicting a $68 billion deficit in the upcoming budget year which begins on July 1, 2024.

Since the tax reforms of the 1970s, California’s budgetary fate depends mostly on tax revenue from the state’s highest earners. Slowing investment in new technology and startup companies, and rising interest rates, have played a role in the slowing economy. 

The LAO does not estimate the duration of the unfavorable economic conditions, but speculates that past downturns “similar to this recent episode have tended to be followed by additional weaknesses.” 

The full report can be found here.  

The Fiscal Outlook report is just the start of California’s annual budget process. In January, The Governor will outline his proposed 2024-25 State Budget. CASE will be there at each step to protect your interests. 


News of interest to CASE legal professionals:


Strengthen Your Union, and Get a Little Gift for Yourself. It’s a good time of year to remind everyone about our Member Recruitment Incentive Program. When you invite a colleague to join CASE and they list you as the person who referred them, they get the protections and benefits of CASE Membership, and you get $100. (Referral must be listed on the new member’s application at the time of submission). Top referrers each quarter get a bonus reward, too. 

Governor Grants Informal Holiday Time Off. Per tradition, the Governor has granted state employees 4 hours of informal time off for the upcoming holiday season. In most cases, the ITO should be taken the business day before December 25 or the business day before January 1. ITO cannot be cashed out at separation, so make sure to use it. Work Week Groups SE and E can combine their 4 hours of ITO with paid leave to equal a full day off or use their ITO to leave early after working a partial day. Happy Holidays!

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