September 27, 2023 CASE Files

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More News on CASE’s Telework Advocacy. CASE secured another favorable ruling in the ongoing fight against policies mandating our members work in the office an arbitrary number of days per week. CalHR had contacted all of the arbitrators with whom we had originally scheduled dates for arbitrations, and asked that the matters be taken off calendar,arguing that the matter was automatically stayed  due to CalHR’s “appeal” of the trial court’s order compelling CalHR to arbitrate these disputes.  

In reality, CalHR did not appeal; it filed a writ petition, which, unlike an appeal, does not stay proceedings.  Yesterday the Third District Court of Appeal summarily denied CalHR’s petition for writ of mandate regarding our petition to compel arbitration. As a result, there are no more grounds upon which CalHR can avoid going to arbitration, and on November 7, 2023, we’ll commence the first of what could be many arbitrations.


News of interest to CASE legal professionals.


CalPERS Open Enrollment Continues. Open Enrollment continues through October 13. During this period, you can make changes to your health plans. The CASE MOU provides for increases to the Consolidate Benefit (CoBen) received by each member with CalPERS coverage. The CoBen covers 80% of premiums for the member and family premiums. As a service to members, CASE has calculated members’ monthly out-of-pocket cost for all the plans available to active employees. You can review a chart of the 2024 CoBen amounts, plans, and fees here. For more information and to explore your 2024 health plan options, log in to your my|CalPERS account or visit the CalPERS Plans & Rates page. You can also use CalHR’s CoBen Calculator or check out on-demand information on the process from  CalHR’s Open Enrollment Benefits Fair.

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