July 27, 2022 CASE Files

Welcome to this week’s CASE Files, part of our commitment to keep you up-to-date on our work to increase your salary, improve and protect your benefits, and to aggressively represent your interests in every forum where your employment and professional interests are at stake.


Help Make the #Case4CASE. Sign the CASE Petition and lend your name and your voice to our efforts to secure meaningful improvements to salary and benefits. It’s important to show the Administration that Unit 2 legal professionals – and the public – stand together in support of addressing the recruitment and retention issues that put Californians – and their natural resources, public safety, health, and opportunity – at risk. 

Though the 2021-22 MOU Has Expired, Its Protections, and Obligations, Live On. As covered in past CASE Files, thanks to the Dills Act’s “evergreen provision (Gov Code Section 3517.8), all of the rights and obligations of the prior MOU survive its expiration and apply in full force. This includes benefits like vacation, enhanced non-industrial disability leave, and the current CoBen Allowance – as well as terms like the no-strike provision. 

A Primer on Impasse and Bad Faith. As mentioned in last week’s Bargaining Report, the Bargaining Team has received many questions about the laws and regulations governing contract negotiations. To learn about impasse and bad faith as defined by the California Public Employment Relations Board, click here

Tell Your Non-Member Friends: Membership Deadline Looms. Per Article III, Section 15, the Board has set Friday, August 26, 2022 as the deadline to join CASE for those who wish to vote in the upcoming Board election or to cast a vote for or against the next MOU once an agreement is reached.


CASE Unveils New Website. The Board is pleased to invite you to visit the new-and-improved CASE Website. More intuitive, easier to use, and still filled with resources for all Unit 2 legal professionals. Members enjoy additional content in our Member Resource Center. The Member Resource Center contains CASE Files and Bargaining Report archives as well as links to CASE group insurance plans, consumer discounts, and more. To access the Member Resource Center, use the password: membersmatter22.

2022 CASE BOARD CANDIDATE NOMINATION PETITIONS AVAILABLE. Last Friday, members received information about the upcoming 2022 CASE Board of Directors Election, including nomination information. Missed the email? You can read about the election calendar, available positions, and more here.Your Voice Matters. It’s vital that the people of California – and leaders in Sacramento – understand what you do for them. Our fight isn’t just about improving your salary and benefits so you can better provide for your families and future. Our fight is about preserving California’s values – protecting natural resources, enhancing opportunity, and more. Share your story today.

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