March 15, 2023 CASE Files

Keeping you up-to-date on our work to increase your salary, improve and protect your benefits, and aggressively represent your professional interests in every forum where they are at stake.


Become a CASE Local Representative. In addition to your all-volunteer CASE Board of Directors, CASE Members benefit from another corps of dedicated volunteers – our Local Representatives. Local Reps are the eyes and ears of CASE in the workplace and help us identify and extinguish small brush fires before they become raging infernos. Local Reps are also the first friendly face in the workplace (virtual or in-person) welcoming newly hired Attorneys, ALJs, Deputy Labor Commissioners, and Graduate Legal Assistants to state service and to CASE. Trainings are held throughout the year. To learn more and to apply, visit the CASE Website

Don’t Forget About the Membership Recruitment Incentive Program. To encourage all members to help us expand our influence and explain the individual and collective benefits of CASE Membership, the Board last fall established the Membership Recruitment Incentive Program. if you recruit a new CASE Member and are listed as the referring member on their application, you’ll receive $100. The top recruiter in each quarter will receive a bonus payment as well.The referral name must be listed on the new member’s application at the time of submission and incentives are paid out quarterly. Our online membership application is easy for you to share and easy for your new coworkers (or even not so new!) to complete. Find it here


News of interest to Unit 2 legal professionals:


Protecting Your Rights. Any time you are called to answer questions, the answer to which might lead to discipline, you have the right to have a representative present. What should you do if someone is asking you questions that give you cause for concern? CASE members – and only members – can call CASE for consultation before the questioning starts, bring a CASE representative with them to the meeting, or ask to take a break and seek consultation if questions start in the midst of a meeting with a supervisor or manager. You also have the right to know the subject of any potentially investigative meeting before it begins. Don’t go it alone! Call CASE at (800) 699-6533 or email any time you have concerns. 


CASE Public Service Scholars Award. With college acceptance season nearly upon us, the Board is pleased to announce the first annual CASE Public Service Scholars Award, available exclusively to CASE Members and their dependents bound for college, law school, or graduate school. Applications will be accepted from March 1 through May 1. Click here for more information and to apply

Southern California Friends – Are You Headed to the DWC Conference? The 30th Annual California DWC Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference is back in person this year and CASE will be there, in both northern and southern California. If you’re attending, we want to meet you! Stop by the CASE booth, meet CASE Directors and staff, and grab some members-only CASE swag. Find us at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott March 23-24.

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