June 28, 2022 Bargaining Report

The Current MOU Expires Thursday . . . . As mentioned last week, though the current MOU expires on June 30, all provisions remain in full force as the CASE Bargaining Team and CalHR continue to negotiate a successor MOU, thanks to the Dill’s Act’s evergreen provision.

. . . And the Legislature Leaves Town . . . Thursday is also the last day of legislative work at the Capitol before lawmakers return to their districts for their summer recess. Their departure doesn’t slow down negotiations however, as the CASE Bargaining Team has made clear to CalHR that it intends to remain at the table working to reach a deal.

. . . But Negotiations Continue. The two sides met twice last week and were able to reach agreement on additional provisions of the MOU but remain far apart on the issues of greatest importance to CASE Members – like salaries. High priority issues such as paid family leave and telework remain very much in the mix as well.

Welcome to the Table, Jaclyn Grossman. CASE Vice President Jaclyn Grossman joins the CASE Bargaining Team this week, bringing to the table years of experience in tough negotiations as a Deputy Attorney General in the Employment & Administrative Mandate Section at the Department of Justice as well as in private practice. As a reminder, here is the full bargaining team roster:

Tim O’Connor, ChairAttorney VState Compensation Insurance Fund
Simon Hovakimian, Co-ChairAdministrative Law Judge IIDepartment of Industrial Relations
Traci BelmoreAdministrative Law Judge IOffice of Administrative Hearings
Talene GhazarianAttorney IDepartment of Health Care Services
Jaclyn GrossmanDeputy Attorney General IVDepartment of Justice
Rama MalineDeputy Attorney General VDepartment of Justice
Katrina ManookianAttorney IVState Compensation Insurance Fund

The Bargaining Team is supported by CASE Director of Labor Relations Katherine Regan, and Labor Relations Consultants Chris Voight and Christiana Dominguez.  Voight is a long-time negotiator on behalf state employee professionals.  Dominguez is a labor attorney with many years representing state employee professionals and is a former CASE member.

Last Days to Weigh-In on Member Action Options. If you haven’t yet, complete our Member Action Survey. Your answers help us plan collective actions that will truly be collective enough to demonstrate CASE’s unity to CalHR. This survey closes Thursday.

There’s Still Time to Share Your Story. Help us educate the public, CalHR, and California leaders about the impact you have on the lives and livelihoods of Californians by sharing your story as part of our “What does California lose if it loses me” Campaign. Watch CASE’s social media channels (Twitter, Instagram) as we begin to roll out member stories in the coming weeks. The need to highlight the important service you provide to Californians is not just a Bargaining-time project either; we’ll continue to highlight your work year-round, during contract terms or between them. Our goal is to clearly illustrate to Californians the impact your valuable work has on their daily lives.

The parties return to the table next Thursday.

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