May 10, 2022 Bargaining Report

CASE Proposes, CalHR Receives. The Bargaining Team met last Thursday with CalHR to discuss the status of pending proposals and to offer additional ideas for improving CASE members’ benefits and protections under the MOU. CalHR has held off on responding to proposals offered thus far, citing the upcoming May Revise, which the Governor is expected to release around May 15.

Taking Care of Rollovers. As previously discussed, large portions of the MOU remain consistent from year to year which Articles retained in what is called the rollover process. The teams have previously identified likely candidates for rollover and will soon move into the fine-tooth-comb work of reviewing each and signing-off on what doesn’t need to be changed this year. It’s a time consuming, but important, part of contract renegotiation. 

Where to Track the Coming May Revise. Want to be the first to see the Governor’s revised budget proposal for the coming fiscal year? Bookmark, the Department of Finance’s hub for all things State Budget.

The CASE Team and CalHR meet again this Thursday.

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