March 29, 2022 Bargaining Report

Your CASE Bargaining Team met on its own (without state management) last Wednesday to review results from the member bargaining survey, and to prepare for formal negotiations with Gov. Newsom’s representatives from the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR).

The Team is preparing for what is expected to be long and very tough negotiations. Your Team is determined to produce an agreement every state Attorney, Administrative Law Judge, Deputy Labor Commissioner, and Hearing Officer can be proud of.

We are preparing material and expert witness testimony that supports the case for salary equity and more competitive benefits for ALL state legal professionals.

Your CASE Team believes that is the mutual interest of the state of California and its legal professionals to have a competitive compensation program that returns California state service as the destination of choice for outstanding legal professionals.  It will be up to Governor Newsom and his negotiators to demonstrate exactly what that means in its negotiations with CASE.

Your Team is also working to cement alliances with those who can help. These include appointed and elected officials who employ Unit 2 personnel. It’s time for them speak up on our behalf. You can help in this effort by urging your own departmental leadership to support CASE at the bargaining table. Many groups of CASE Members are already doing this, some with formal presentations to their management leadership.

You can help by getting YOUR department to help the CASE Team at the bargaining table.  Every state department, agency, and commission that employs state legal professionals should be supporting CASE in our bid for salary equity. More details on this part of the CASE strategy soon!

CASE next meets with CalHR tomorrow, Wednesday, March 30. Thanks for your membership your active support!

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