April 18, 2022 Bargaining Report

Talks Continue. The CASE Bargaining Team and CalHR met again last week to wrap up the initial ​identification of appropriate MOU provisions for rollover and additional discussion.

Travel Expenses. CASE members know all too well that lodging and meal reimbursement rates have been too low for too long. Last week, CASE presented a proposal to CalHR to rectify the woefully inadequate reimbursement rates. While the pandemic certainly curtailed work-related travel, CASE members will travel for work again. When they do, ​CASE members shouldn’t be required to pay out of pocket for adequate hotels and meals.

Big Discussions Still Ahead. Both parties will take this week to work individually – CASE to prepare additional proposals related to improving your salaries and benefits; CalHR to consider proposals ​already presented to them. As ever, salaries, salary equity for ALJs, and Paid Family Leave​ top the list of issues on which the CASE Bargaining Team is focusing.

CASE and CalHR will be back at the table on April 26.

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