July 5, 2023 Supervisory Files

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2023 General Salary Increases, Special Salary Adjustments Take Effect. With the arrival of the new fiscal year on July 1, comes the 3% general salary increase provided in the current CASE MOU

The top step of the salary ranges for all Administrative Law Judges will also increase by 4.5%. ALJs and Senior ALJs who have been at the top step of their salary range for 12 qualifying pay periods or more will see their salary increase by 4.5%. For those who don’t have 12 qualifying pay periods at the top step, they will retain their current salary anniversary date and the special salary adjustment allows for an additional step of salary growth in their pay range.

Since the ratification of the MOU, CASE has also continued its advocacy to ensure the same 3% GSI and ALJ 4.5% special salary adjustment was extended to Supervisors and Managers in Unit 2-related classes. We are pleased to share that the Governor indeed provided for their pay increase in the recently adopted state budget and CalHR approved the increase late Friday. 

We expect to see the increase reflected in the pay you receive for time worked in July, issuing on or about August 1. We will continue to monitor CalHR and the State Controller’s work to implement the raises through required pay letters. 

Summer Socials Are a Homerun. Scores of CASE Members, their family, and friends, have enjoyed the first two games of our Summer Social Series. On June 20, the Giants prevailed over the visiting Padres on a rare fog-free San Francisco summer evening. On June 28, the River Cats had less luck, but Members nonetheless enjoyed a cool Delta Breeze and warm camaraderie as the team faced off against the Reno Aces.

July 5, 2023 Supervisory Files

There are still a few chances to catch a game this summer: we have 1 ticket left for the Padres game on July 25 and one for the Dodgers game on August 2. 

We’d like to especially encourage our Central Valley members to snag tickets for the Fresno Grizzlies game on Thursday, July 20. Get yours today! Tickets and details are available here (password: caseball2023)

CASE Public Service Scholars Award Winners. Last week, CASE announced our inaugural CASE Public Service Scholars, each of whom will receive a $1000 scholarship. This week, we profile winner Lindsay Rule.

The five brown-and-green wooden boxes Lindsay Rule built are about the size of a microwave when stood on end, mounted on a post. Each box has a hinged door with a Plexiglas window that reveals the treasures inside. At the top of each door, in hand-painted block letters: “TAKE A BOOK,” and at the bottom, “LEAVE A BOOK.” 

Lindsay installed her “Little Free Libraries” about three years ago at soup kitchens, a senior center, a daycare, and a house in Huntington Beach. She has since left her hometown for college. However, the libraries are still serving their communities – and are a reason Lindsay was selected to receive an inaugural CASE Public Service Scholars Award. Click here to read the rest of Lindsay’s story . . .


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