March 20, 2024 CASE Supervisory Files


This week, CASE submitted its closing brief in the first arbitration regarding unreasonable return-to-office mandates. This case concerns our members at CalPERS which imposed a requirement for all employees to be in the office three days per week. After three days of testimony, the parties filed simultaneous briefs – you can read CASE’s brief here and CalHR’s brief here. CalPERS’s arguments for “operational need” were similar to what our members are hearing at most of the other departments: collaboration, culture, teamwork, “water-cooler conversations,” etc., notwithstanding the fact that our members have demonstrated during years of working fully remotely that they can effectively do their jobs from home.

The arbitrator has indicated that a ruling can be expected within approximately 30 days. CASE has other arbitrations proceeding for numerous other departments, including FTB, CDTFA, DIR, and others, such that we have arbitrations scheduled through the end of this calendar year. Many more are in the pipeline, including those departments that have announced a return to office in the past few months. Our members have made clear that telework flexibility is a high priority for them, and CASE will litigate each and every one of these arbitrary mandates. Our members have demonstrated their professionalism and dedication throughout the COVID pandemic and should not be required to come into the office unless their job duties require them to do so. 

If you want to help, provide your feedback on the impact of these mandates via our form (linked in the final item in Reminders, below). 


News of interest to Unit 2 legal professionals:

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Know Your Benefits. Question: What do these words have in common? PEPRA, reciprocity, unmodified allowance, and COLA. Answer: They are among the many terms you should know to maximize your CalPERS benefits. For more information, check out “Top Terms to Understand Your CalPERS Retirement” on PERSpective, the pension system’s blog. 


Mortgage Assistance for CASE Members.  CASE members can now secure mortgage assistance, including lender credits of up to 0.5%, for home loans and refinancing. Other lender programs, including first-time home buyer discounts, are available. Lenders, including LoanDepot and Arnaz Financial, work with multiple institutions to find the best rates available. For more information visit the CASE Member Benefits page on the CASE Website. (pw: membersmatter22)  

2nd Annual CASE Public Service Scholars Award. Applications are now open for the 2nd Annual CASE Public Service Scholars Award. CASE Members and their dependents pursuing higher education are invited to apply between now and May 1. The award honors applicants who are currently in a career, or plan to pursue a career, in government or another form of service supporting the common good, or applicants who can demonstrate meaningful commitment to serving others by participation in service-oriented academic pursuits, volunteer, or community service. Apply here (pw: membersmatter22). Tracking Return-to-Office Mandates. Your feedback on the impact of return-to-office mandates is invaluable in helping CASE prepare to meet and confer with departments and agencies as well as preparing grievances and for arbitration as necessary. Consider sharing the impact of the proposed policy changes with us via this form.

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