October 18, 2023 Supervisory Files

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Have you visited the CASE website lately? The CASE website is home to many resources designed for CASE Members, from the CASE MOU (and the MOU suggestion box) to a brief history of CASE. On the Resources page, you’ll find helpful information about Range Changes, checking Official Personnel Files, and more. Don’t forget about our Community Mentoring and Volunteer Opportunity clearinghouse, where you can find organizations that need your help to help your community. You can also find our Supervisors & Managers FAQ to share with your peers as you explain the benefits of joining CASE. Don’t forget about the $100 incentive payment you’ll receive whenever a new Supervisor or Manager member lists you on their application as the referral! 

Most popular, of course, is our Benefits and Discount page, where you can find information on our supplemental insurance offerings, travel assistance program, Pet Insurance, and more (password: membersmatter22). Want to suggest an article for the website? Have an idea for a new member benefit? Send us an email anytime. 


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