December 27, 2023 Supervisory Files

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2024 State Holiday Schedule. Ready to make vacation and holiday plans for the coming year? Here’s the 2024 State Holiday Schedule:

  • Monday, January 1 New Year’s Day
  • Monday, January 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Monday, February 19 Presidents’ Day
  • Monday, April 1 Cesar Chavez Day (Observed)
  • Monday, May 27 Memorial Day
  • Thursday, July 4 Independence Day
  • Monday, September 2 Labor Day
  • Monday, November 11 Veterans Day
  • Thursday, November 28 Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday, November 29 Day after Thanksgiving
  • Wednesday, December 25 Christmas Day

In addition to these holidays, CASE members also receive one personal holiday per fiscal year. Effective at the start of 2023, the Governor proclaimed 4 new holidays, one of which may be taken in lieu of receiving a personal holiday: Sunday, January 22, Lunar New Year; Monday, April 24-Genocide Remembrance Day; Monday, June 19-Juneteenth; Friday, September 22-Native American Day.

And don’t forget about your Professional Development Days which renew each year on July 1 and must be used (or lost) by June 30 each year. Members who are not required to be members of the State Bar as a condition of employment also have the option to have bar dues reimbursed or to receive 2 additional days of professional leave each calendar year. 

While you’re planning, remember to check out CASE’s consumer discounts for savings on travel, theme parks, and more (pw: membersmatter22).


Media coverage of the most consequential developments to CASE legal professionals next year will include:

  • The 2024-25 State Budget. Gov. Newsom and the Legislature must confront an estimated $68 billion budget shortfall. How will that affect Unit 2 employees?
  • Outsourcing, telework, more. Look for CASE to make news as we continue fighting departments’ illegal, wasteful private contracting of our work. Meanwhile, we will continue to challenge arbitrary, inefficient return-to-office orders affecting members. Wherever your interests are at stake, CASE will be ready to fight.
  • Driverless cars. Energy rates. Workplace Mistreatment. More. CASE members work on precedent-setting cases every day. Next year will be no different: What is a car company’s obligation to the public when touting its “autopilot” navigation system? As California moves toward renewable energy, how will the state government regulate the transition? What will California do – with the largest workforce in the nation – to aggressively fight sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace?  Next year, wherever the State of California is blazing a legal trail, our members will be making the CASE – and news.


Remember to Use Your ITO! Per tradition, the Governor has granted state employees 4 hours of informal time off for the upcoming holiday season. In most cases, the ITO should be taken the business day before December 25 or the business day before January 1. ITO cannot be cashed out at separation, so make sure to use it. Work Week Groups SE and E can combine their 4 hours of ITO with paid leave to equal a full day off or use their ITO to leave early after working a partial day. Happy Holidays!

2024 Bar Dues. Be on the lookout for information from your employer about bar dues payment processes, which can vary from department to department. The maximum the State will reimburse is $465 of the default $510 indicated on your State Bar dues form. The State does not cover voluntary or optional contributions. If you are directly paying your dues, make sure to opt-out of those items unless you would like to pay for them out-of-pocket. The State also will not cover late payment penalties unless they are responsible for the late payment. 

For employees not required to be State Bar members as a condition of employment, your department may provide reimbursement for dues or 2 additional Professional Development Days (PDDs). 

Additionally, the CASE MOU provides increased reimbursement for specialty or local bar dues – up to $200 annually where State Bar Membership is required as a condition of employment. Fees for more than one specialty or local bar membership can be reimbursed if the total reimbursement does not exceed $200Bar Dues must be paid by February 1, 2024. For more details, check out the CalHR Manual section on dues payment, or contact CASE. 

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