August 10, 2022 CASE Files

Welcome to this week’s CASE Files, part of our commitment to keep you up-to-date on our work to increase your salary, improve and protect your benefits, and to aggressively represent your interests in every forum where your employment and professional interests are at stake.

CalPERS Releases 2023 Health Benefit Premiums. CalPERS has released updated monthly health benefit plan and rate information for 2023. You’ll find links on the page to the 2023 rates for HMOs and PPOs.

Unit 2 legal professionals receive a monthly Consolidated Benefits (CoBen) allowance to offset the costs of their health premiums based on a dollar amount specified in Article 11.1(A)(1) of the CASE MOU. The amount is increased or decreased each year, as specified in the MOU based on the formula described in Article 11.1(A)(2). While the CalPERS website provides the projected CoBen formula-based increases, please note that the increased amounts reflected on the CalPERS website will only be applied via a successor MOU (currently under negotiation). Until a successor MOU is reached, the 2022 CoBen amounts currently reflected on your pay warrant will remain unchanged. 

Legislature Returns from Recess for Final Sprint. The State Legislature returned from summer recess on August 1 and begins their one-month mad dash to resolve all outstanding business in the 2021-22 legislative session.  Per the State Constitution, the Legislature must adjourn on August 31 by midnight.  Legislators will be sworn in on December 5, 2022 for the new 2-year session, and the real work of the 2023-24 legislative session will begin the first week of January 2023.

News Headlines. Recent media reports of interest to Unit 2 legal professionals:

California Court Overturns 3 Deputies’ Murder Conviction
US State Attorneys General Form Nationwide Anti-Robocalling Task Force
Rent-A-Center settles allegations it defrauded customers

Insurance at Group Rates. CASE Members receive a free basic life insurance plan from The Standard, but did you know members can also participate in discounted supplemental life insurance and long term disability coverage from The Standard as well? Group rates mean better plan features and lower cost than many individual and group plans. CASE Members can access more details about the programs and enrollment materials here.

Be sure to look for additional information on a new offering from The Standard via CASE to be launched next month – Critical Illness coverage.  You’ll also have the opportunity to schedule meetings with representatives from The Standard to discuss different offerings available to CASE Members.

CASE Board of Directors Meeting – Friday, August 19. The next CASE Board of Directors meeting is Friday, August 19. Interested CASE Members may register here to attend via zoom.

Membership Deadline Looms. Per Article III, Section 15, the Board has set Friday, August 26, 2022 as the deadline to join CASE for those who wish to vote in the upcoming Board election or to cast a vote for or against the next MOU once an agreement is reached. 

For now, CASE Files will continue to be delivered weekly to all Unit 2 employees, but our Bargaining Updates are delivered only to members. Stay informed on the important decisions that will impact your salary and benefits by joining CASE today.

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