In Memory of Alan Levinson

In Memory of Alan Levinson

 It is with great sadness we share the news of the loss of Alan Levinson, our wonderful Oakland Deputy. Alan passed away early Thursday morning, during his regular swim practice with his Masters Swim Team.

Alan attended the University of Wisconsin, Industrial Relations MS Program in 1977. Throughout his career, Alan worked to improve conditions for workers, as a labor organizer, representative, as a management representative in negotiations, and in his career with the Labor Commissioner. Alan worked as a union organizer for SEIU in San Francisco and represented Ricky Henderson’s (Oakland A’s Player) mother. Alan began his career with the Labor Commissioner’s office in 1988 and performed all aspects of the Labor Commissioner’s work in the Oakland office. Alan also worked in labor negotiations for the Oakland Unified School District and returned to us in 2008. Alan had an exceptional way of breaking through conflict and never personalized it. Alan brought this skill to his work in the RCI Unit. Alan was tough with a gentle demeanor. Alan was a mentor and friend to all. He just completed another Public Information Duty training where he shined in his ability to organize, structure and present in order to inspire us to give the very best service to the public.

Alan was elected as a Board member for CASE, the Union that represents the Division’s Deputy Labor Commissioners and attorneys, statewide. In his work as a deputy and with the Union, he fostered cohesiveness and comradery. He was on the bargaining team that negotiated the current contract. His passion to represent every deputy in the Division created an impactful voice on the Board.

Alan brought his organizing skills to his colleagues in such kind ways. He was one of the organizers of the Northern California Labor Commissioner office’s annual trip to an Oakland A’s game so we could socialize together. He shared the proceeds of his garden and fruit trees with us and he made sure to organize and replace our water filter in the office kitchen so our drinking water tasted better. Alan also was a wonderful baker and shared his creations at special occasions in the office, a talent he developed baking for his fellow students at the University of Wisconsin.

Alan was an avid swimmer, competing in Masters swimming events and swimming in the bay as one of the Polar Bears. Every year he swam from Alcatraz to Ocean Beach. He often bicycled to work. He was also a talented musician, playing saxophone in several bands, including a funk band.

Alan spoke with such pride of his wonderful and accomplished daughters, Michelle and Robyn, and is survived by his beloved wife Micki. Alan was completely devoted to his family as a husband and father and made the world a better place for all of us. There are no words to express our sadness at his sudden death. Alan was full of music and full of life.

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