January 13, 2023 CASE File


SPB Adopts Attorney Class Consolidation Plan after CASE Secures Beneficial Changes.
The State Personnel Board yesterday approved a sweeping Attorney Class Consolidation proposal that streamlines civil service classifications and enhances professional development opportunities. CASE previously shared with you the CalHR proposals, as well as our letter of support for the consolidation, which included several remaining areas of concern. Thanks to CASE’s advocacy, several of those concerns were resolved prior to the Board’s adopting the plan. These improvements include:

  • Broadening Career Paths for CASE Members: CASE objected to CalHR’s plan to limit the minimum qualifications for the proposed Attorney Manager class (now the “Attorney, ACC” class, see below) to experience gained as an Attorney IV or V. In response to CASE’s advocacy, the SPB directed CalHR to maintain a pathway for Attorney IIIs to promote into ACC positions. 
  • Addressing MQ Concerns: SPB also agreed with CASE’s concerns that the proposed 10-year legal experience qualification for the proposed Attorney Manager (now “Attorney, ACC) class and directed a reduction to 9-year minimum qualification, which aligns with the new minimum qualifications for the Attorney Class series.
  • Assistant Chief Counsels were originally slated to become “Attorney Managers,” a title change to which many member’s objected. CalHR wanted “Attorney” in the title to make the position easier to find and understand for those in and out of state service who use the civil service listings to plan career moves. As a compromise, the SPB adopted “Attorney, Assistant Chief Counsel” as the new class title. Departments retain the discretion to allow the use of working titles and we assume most will allow incumbents to omit “Attorney,” and retain their current “Assistant Chief Counsel” title.

What’s Next? The new classification scheme takes effect February 1, 2023. Most (but not all) department-specific attorney classifications will be abolished, and incumbents in those classes moved to the equivalent Attorney class. Here’s a summary of the changes to the newly consolidated Attorney Class Series and to the parallel Deputy Attorney General Class Series:

January 13, 2023 CASE File

BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING – THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 2023The CASE Board of Directors invites interested members to attend, via zoom, its next meeting on Thursday, January 19, 2023 at 9:00am. Click here to register to attend the meeting no later than Tuesday, January 17 at noon. (Website password is membersmatter22) A zoom link will be sent to registered attendees the day before the meeting. If you wish to provide public comment, please complete this form in advance of the start of the meeting. 

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