May 22, 2024 CASE Files


CASE Telework Statement. In response to recently released draft budget trailer bill language out of the Department of Finance, CASE circulated the following statement to the media:  

“CASE is concerned about the recent draft trailer bill language proposed by the Governor, which seeks to potentially illegally override the previously agreed upon telework stipend language, currently protected in our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) through June 30, 2025. If the legislature adopts this, it would override our contractual benefit and circumvent the collective bargaining process.  

Instead of using the legislature to override our MOU, CalHR and the governor should respect the collective bargaining process and address the issue at the bargaining table. 

CASE has asked CalHR to reopen our MOU to bargain several issues, including telework stipends. Instead of working these issues out at the bargaining table, the state is trying to override the collective bargaining process and instead legislate a compensation cut.”   

Sacramento Bee Covers JLAC Audit of Return-to-Office Mandate. The Sacramento Bee recently published an article titled, “California will audit its telework policies as workers frown on return-to-office mandates.” The article provided an update on the status of the audit, noting its approval at the recent Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) hearing, as well as detailing the scope of the audit. CASE was in attendance at this JLAC hearing and will continue to advocate for our members and provide updates as the audit moves forward.  

2024 Special Salary Adjustments Take Effect. With the arrival of the new fiscal year on July 1, the maximum salary range of all Unit 2 classifications except Attorney level III classifications (see class codes identified in below) will increase by 4.5%.  Employees who have been at the current maximum for 12 qualifying pay periods or more shall be moved to the new maximum of the range. All other employees shall retain their salary and salary anniversary dates. 

Also effective July 1, the maximum salary range of the Attorney level III classifications (see classifications below) will increase by 10%: 

·   5795 Attorney III 

·   5706 Deputy Attorney General III 

·   5789 Deputy Attorney III, Caltrans 

·   6180 Industrial Relations Counsel III (Specialist) 

·   5812 Public Utilities Counsel III, CPUC 

·   5537 Real Estate Counsel III (specialist) 

·   6274 Senior Board Counsel, ALRB 

·   6115 Senior Fair Employment and Housing Counsel (Specialist) 

·   6733 Tax Counsel III (Specialist) 

·   5763 Deputy State Public Defender Range C (only) 

·   6204 Sr. Commission Counsel (Specialist) FFPC 

Employees who have been at the current maximum for 12 qualifying pay periods or more shall be moved to the new maximum of the range. All other employees shall retain their salary and salary anniversary dates. 

We expect to see the increase reflected in the pay you receive for time worked in July, issuing on or about August 1. We will continue to monitor CalHR and the State Controller’s work to implement the raises through required pay letters.   

Check Your Pay Stubs and Leave Balances.  CASE encourages members to check their pay stubs and leave balances each month to ensure accuracy of items such as the telework stipend, health insurance payments and that leave balances are up to date.  If you find an issue with your pay stub or leave balance, please make an inquiry to your department’s Human Resource Office.  If you are unable to resolve an issue, please reach out to CASE at  

Professional Development Days – Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em. CASE Members receive professional development days (PDD) each year. Unlike other types of leave that can rollover from year to year, your PDDs expire each fiscal year on June 30. You can check to see how much PDD time you have on the books by referring to the Leave Balances box in your CalConnect Account. Unlike other leave balances which get lower with use, the “TRNG/DEV” line item that reflects PDD use counts up with usage. If the number in the far-right box is less than 40, then you have PDD time to use.  

Ad Hoc Climate Change Committee. Did you know CASE has an Ad Hoc Climate Change Committee that is open to all members?  The Committee is welcoming new members.  Please contact John de Leon to join the group and be invited to join the next meeting! 

MOU Suggestion Box. While we are a year away from the next round of bargaining, it’s never too soon to collect ideas for future negotiations. You have access to our MOU Suggestion Box, a place for members – and ONLY members – to contribute ideas for new or improved benefits and MOU terms at any time. We are, of course, aware of the need for the Governor to address continuing salary lags (both within the unit and between state service and local government jobs), so we are hoping to collect your ideas on non-salary MOU items. To complete a suggestion card, click here. (pw: membersmatter22). 


Tracking Return-to-Office Mandates. Your feedback on the impact of return-to-office mandates is invaluable in helping CASE prepare to meet and confer with departments and agencies as well as preparing grievances and for arbitration as necessary. Consider sharing the impact of the proposed policy changes with us via this form

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