Member Survey and Communications Update

Member Survey and Communications Update


In order to communicate more effectively with our members, we are sending out a CASE Membership Survey. This survey is meant to identify our members’ preferred communication methods, as well as address any questions or concerns you may have about membership and representation. This survey is the first step in our efforts to modernize our organization, including member interactions, website content, and a membership drive.


To access the survey, follow this link (Please hold CTRL+click or copy & paste into your browser):


Our modernization plan will consist of an overall reboot of our communications in an effort to better serve all our members. Currently, our website is being redesigned to make information more accessible and user-friendly. We will also be establishing a social media presence in order to connect with our members on a more personal level. Additionally, we will be hosting upcoming events for Unit 2 Members where we can come together and discuss our strategy to obtain better salaries, benefits, pensions, and working conditions.


Part of that strategy involves the CASE-PAC, funded entirely by full members and voluntary contributions. The purpose of the CASE-PAC is to educate the public, the Legislature, and Constitutional Officers regarding the significant role played by Unit 2 members in preserving and maintaining justice, and improving the general welfare of all residents of the State of California.  The CASE-PAC encourages Unit 2 Members to take a more active and effective role in government affairs. It also supports the election of candidates who understand the critical role CASE members play in the great State of California. Without the support of its full members, CASE would not have been able to successfully improve our pay and promotional opportunities in the last two contracts.


Our current political landscape threatens to hurt collective-bargaining rights with litigation that could make it optional to become a fair-share member. As California legal professionals, we must stand together to have a voice in negotiating our salaries and fight every effort to eliminate our benefits and rights. Become a full member today so that we can fund the CASE-PAC and fight back against those who seek to divide us. It’s not too late to act.

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