September 8, 2023 CASE Files

Welcome to this week’s CASE Files, part of our commitment to keep you up-to-date on our work to increase your salary, improve and protect your benefits, and to aggressively represent your interests in every forum where your employment and professional interests are at stake.


Governor Signs MOU Bill.
On Tuesday, Governor Newsom signed the Unit 2 MOU legislation necessary to complete ratification of the new agreement. Next up, implementation of the new MOU. As with anything that requires both department-level and State Controller action (like keying changes necessary to increase your salary), it may take time. We’ll provide updates to the anticipated timeline as we receive them. Regardless of when the necessary updates are made to the state payroll system, you’ll be entitled to and will receive the 2.5% GSI retroactive to July 1, 2022.

A number of provisions in the MOU take effect in the pay period following ratification, which means those items are likely to be provided in the October pay period.  Those items are the increases to the commute program, new On-Call pay for selected programs, and a new definition of incidentals in the Business and Travel Expense provision of the MOU. Increased specialty and local bar dues reimbursements are effective the second pay period after ratification, meaning those whose dues are up for renewal in November or after (or who wish to join a local or specialty bar) will be eligible for the newly increased amount.  

The History of CASE.
With this week’s Labor Day holiday, we wanted to draw your attention to a feature of the refreshed CASE Website you may have missed: a short history of CASE. CASE was started by legal professionals, for legal professionals and we continue to write our history every day. If you have coworkers who aren’t members, invite them to join today.

Social Media Highlight.
Do you follow CASE’s social media channels? They are linked at the top of this email. If you don’t follow us yet, you might have missed last week’s overview of the new NDI-Family Care Leave program that complements existing disability leave benefits and provides first-of-its-kind paid family leave options for CASE Members. You can check it out here.  


CASE Files.
Since its launch, this publication has been emailed to all Unit 2 employees. It has proven a popular read and an important source of information about your union and issues affecting state legal professionals. However, CASE Files has now joined the Bargaining Report as a members-only publication. 

CASE Membership Committee Chair Ryan Smith has emailed non-members about the change and encouraged them to continue receiving CASE Files by joining us. Please do the same if a non-member colleague mentions that they aren’t receiving CASE Files.

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